I. Personal Information(中国作者请填写中文)

Paper ID Number (if Author):   

*Family Name:   

*Given Name:  



*Mailing Address:  

Company Name (optional):  




II. Registration Fees:

Items Registration by Oct 27, 2018 Registration After Oct 27, 2018 Payment Choices
A Student Registration: EURO €300 EURO €330
B Regular Registration: EURO €300 EURO €330
C Extra Page Charge: No. of extra pages beyond 6 pages x EURO €80 = EURO €0
D Extra Social Events Ticket: No. of extra social events tickets x EURO €130 = EURO €0
E Extra Banquet Ticket: No. of extra banquet tickets x EURO €55 = EURO €0
Total registration payment amount (A or B) + C + D + E = EURO €300

III. Notes:

ü Each accepted final paper must be accompanied with a paid registration for inclusion in the HFR2018 workshop.

ü Social events: Refers to the lunch, banquet during the workshop.

ü Paper Uploads: In order to submit the final paper or video submission at least one of the authors must register in advance (See above). Authors are allowed to upload up to 2 contributions. Six pages including figures in standard IEEE conference paper format are allowed for each paper. Additional fees will be charged for up to 2 extra pages.

ü Student registration: In order to register as a student, select the appropriate student registration category during the registration.