Shenzhen, the first special economic zone of China, is located on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta, neighboring Hong Kong and is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. 


Shenzhen features a tropical monsoon climate, which means the summer is longer than winter. In general, the city’s winter is not as cold as the north of China and the summer is around 38 degrees in average. However, do check online for weather conditions before traveling.


The local currency is the Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY or RMB). Cash is the best method of payment, especially when shopping in markets or using taxis. Credit and debit cards or mobile phone (Alipay, Applepay, Wechat) are also widely used as a method of payment.

Local Cuisine

As a typical immigrant city, Shenzhen cuisines have been largely influenced by culinary traditions from all over China. 


Chinese people are very positive and friendly, and you don’t need to worry about offending issue in Shenzhen. There is no specific religion or dress code in Shenzhen, where most citizens are from all parts of the country. Have saying that, Shenzhen is a dynamic and modern city attracting people from all over the world.


Window of the World is one of the must visit attractions.It is divided into eight regions of the World Square,Asia,Oceania,Europe Area,Americas.World Sculpture Park and International Street according to regional location and activities.As a large-scale cultural tourist attractions,Window of the World gathers the essence of human civilization for thousands of years.These are more than 130 sites such as historical sites,natural scenery,world wondersFolk dwelling,sculpture etc,including garden art,folk customs,folk songs and dances,large-scale performance and high-tech participatory entertainment projects.Window of the World presents a wonderful world for both Chinese and foreign tourists,with rich culture,magnificent planning and design,exquisite landscape projects,unique artistic performances and dynamic exciting entertainment projects.


Address:  Overseas Chinese town, Shenzhen special economic zone

Subway ( Station Name: Windows Of The World ) : Line 1, Line 2

Bus: Station Name: Window of The World station , Window of The World terminus station, Jiebo subway station in Window of The World

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LOTUS HILL PARKLotus Hill Park on June 23, 1997 officially opened the country covers an area of 194 hectares, is the seat of the beautiful scenery, the environment pleasant resort. Lotus Hill is not steep and majestic, only 532 meters above sea level, along the winding trails meandering slowly Zhongshan line, visitors can enjoy the fun of climbing, mountaineering and no fatigue. While standing on a hilltop with a platform made of marble, granite, leaning against the railing, looking down near Futian District, there is a sense of heaven and earth, looking at row upon row of modern city buildings, there will be "would be extremely Ling list all small hills, " 

Address:  Lianhuashan Park, 6026 Hongli Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen

Subway ( Station Name: Children's Palace ) : Line 3, Line 4

Bus: Station Name:  Lianhuashan Park



Located in Shenzhen Bay,  It covers an area of 368 hectares. It is the only nature reserves that located in the urban area and the smallest one in China. It has been called "Mini Protected Area" by foreign environmental experts. There are 189 kinds of and the number of 100,000 migratory birds to come here to have rest or spend the winter, including white piano herons, Gulls, Xiaoqing Stilts, egrets and other kinds of birds. In addition to the mangrove plant group in the protection area, there are also 55 other species of plants. It is regarded as a green corridor in district of Shenzhen city, backed by a wide range of beautiful coastal road and fused with the coastal ecological park.

Address: Bank of Shenzhen Bay, Futian District, Shenzhen

Subway ( Station Name: Hongshuwan ) : Line 9

Bus: Station Name:  Hongshulin



ANCIENT HAKKA RESIDENCEHehu New Residence, also known as the Crane Lake Fortified Hakka Village, and Dawan Dwelling are widely known by Shenzhen residents as witnesses of the city’s history and fast development. The round house is basically a big yard with more than 140 rooms. There are nine lanes inside the yard, but they are difficult to access because they are in need of repair. The whole area is about 68 meters wide from east to west and about 63 meters long from north to south. It retains the significant architectural style from the Ming and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

Address: Luorui Henan Street, Nanlian Community, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Subway ( Station Name: Nanlian ) : Line 3

Bus: Station Name:  Nanlian



DAFEN OIL PAINTING VILLAGEOne of the most popular and enjoyable daytrips from Shenzhen, this village is almost entirely dedicated to painting. Get a self-portrait done or request a freshly-painted Van Gogh or Rembrandt.

Getting there (location): Take the metro Line No.3 to Dafen. Then exit A and walk past the Walmart on your left. It will be a left turn into a street with a signpost saying Oil Painting Street. The walk to the village from Dafen metro is probably 5 minutes.

Don't go too early. Most of the shops open at around 2 pm.

Address: Buji Neighborhood Committee, Longang District, Shenzhen

Subway ( Station Name: Dafen ) : Line 3

Bus: Station Name:  Dafen Oil Painting Village



Splendid China Folk Culture Village in Shenzhen is a comprehensive miniature park reflecting the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, and customs and habits of various nationalities in China. It is one of the world largest scenery parks in the amount of scenarios reproduced. It is located by the Shenzhen Bay in a tourist area of Oversea Chinese Town in Shenzhen. 


Over 100 major tourist attractions have been miniaturized and laid out according to the map of China. Most attractions have been reduced on a scale of 1:15. It is divided into Scenic Spot Area and Comprehensive Service Area. The entire park covers 30 hectares. There are cars and trains to transport visitors around the park, making it possible to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Three Gorges Dam, Potala Palace and the Terracotta Army in one day.

The park also hosts several shows depicting various events in Chinese History and Chinese Cultural. Some of the shows are only performed on weekends.


Address: Overseas Chinese City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Subway ( Station Name: OTC ) : Line 1

Bus: Station Name:  Jinxiuzhonghua


OCT EastOCT East

OCT East covering 9 square kilometers, was built by Overseas ChineseTown Group.At an investment of 3.5 billion RMB, it's China's first "National Eco-Tourism Demonstation Zone"jointly awarded by two ecological theme parks, two mountain golf courses, three scenic towns, four resort hotels, four theme performing arts and Buddist theme park. Mainly include Ecoventure Valley, Tea Stream valley, Huaxing Temple, Interlaken Hotel, Huaxing Mahayna Hotel. Interlaken Aqua Boutique Hotel, ect, to fully display the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. 


Address: OCT East, Dameisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen

Subway ( Station Name: OTC ) : Line 1

Bus: Station Name:  Dongbu Huaqiaocheng (Overseas Chinese Town East) 

103, 308, 380B, 387, E26, M437, M438, M520, PJ5, PJ6, PJ9, Tour bus Line 1, Tour Bus Line 8, Sightseeing Bus Line 1, Dameisha Beach Holiday Bus Line 1, Dameisha Beach Holiday Bus Line 1 or Dameisha Holidau Bus Line 2 to Station.


OCT LOFT COMMUNITY PARKThe park covers an area of about 150,000 square meters. It is divided into north and south sides. Since the latter half of 2004, follow the government guidance, OCT LOFT building reconstruction for the creative industry workshop, various types of creative industries, such as design, photography, animation creation, education training, art, etc, and some creative related industries such as concept restaurant, lounge, retail, coffee etc. It makes the creative industrial economy lively and dynamic.


Address: OCT East, Dameisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen

Subway: Metro Line 1 – Qiao Cheng Dong Station Exit A; Metro Line 2 – Kiu north of Station Exit B

Bus: 101 Road, 109 Road, 113 Road, 204 Road, 209 Road, 210 Road, 232 Road, 234 Road, 311 Road, 319 Road, 320 Road, 327 Road, 328 Road, 338 Road, 350 Road, 367 Road, 369 Road, 373 Road, 383 Road, 121 Road,310-150 Inner Ring Road, 123 Road, 234 Road, interval Express, the 209 road interval Express,310-315 outer Ring, 210 Road, interval Express, 222 Road, 210 Road, interval Express, 390 Road, 395 East holiday line sightseeing bus line, 370, sightseeing bus


DAPENG PENINSULADapeng Peninsula is appraised as one of the "eight most beautiful coasts in China"by "Chinese National Geography".It is located in east Longgang District,stretching from Daya Bay in the east to Dapeng Bay in the west. The land area is 294.18 square kilometers.The coastline is 133.22km.The forest cover rate is 76% With a unique mountain and sea scenery, tourism resources, rich human resources,it has obvious regional advantages and huge potential for development. because the ecological resources  are under strict protection, Dapeng peninsula currently becomes the largest and best preserved ecological paradise in shenzhen. 

Address: Dapeng Bay, Longgang District,Shenzhen